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How to Prevent Diabetes - Even if You Can't Lose Weight or Have Pre-Diabetes

Let's say youíre overweight -- enough to make you as nervous about type 2 diabetes as a roomful of freshmen when the math teacher says, "Pop quiz!" Maybe you've tried to diet but can't lose weight, or youíre dieting now but have yet to shed pounds. Maybe you've even been told you have pre-diabetes. Should you just curl up with a doughnut and wait for the big D (diabetes) to arrive? No way.

Think of us YOU Docs as Batman and Robin, swooping in (POW!) with an emergency plan to shield you from diabetes until the weight comes off. Here's the plan: Besides maintaining a healthy weight, four factors keep diabetes at bay. Research has found that if you combine any three of them, it's like throwing up a force shield between you and diabetes. The combo is more protective than the individual parts, a new fact that's startled even the experts.

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It gets better: If you combine all four, you'll start losing weight without half trying! What are the four steps? We thought you'd never ask.

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Walk 30 minutes a day. Start slowly if you need to, but start. Buy a pedometer, and add a few more steps every day.

Eat smart. Enjoy lots of fruits and veggies, plenty of 100% whole grains, very lean protein (a protein-rich breakfast can help curb appetite later), a little low-fat or no-fat dairy, some nuts, and a bit of dark chocolate.

Donít smoke. If you do, use our YOU Can Quit plan to quit smoking. It's free, and proven to work.

 Donít drink alcohol. Stop consuming drinks containing alcohol

Weight Loss Diet



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