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The missing link in understanding Dyslexia

A dyslexic child might have remained a demoralizing phenomenon for family members. More than motivational talks understanding the needs of a dyslexic person may help negotiate challenges with a greater ease, observes Sidra Khalid.

According to latest research and technology dyslexics are now better able to read on the electronic books. They can read and understand more quickly on an iPod, when text lines are shorter. The key feature is the fact that the e-reader screen can be customized to display just a few words on each line.

Dyslexia is characterized by difficulty with learning to read quickly and with accurate precision despite normal intelligence. It is a neurological learning disability that affects many aspects of life which includes reading, writing, spelling, mathematics, and general academics.


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Children having dyslexia are most commonly perceived as LAZY, due to their poor performance in school and lack of picking power in other arenas of life.  In general dyslexic people are unable to exert complete concentration but on the other hand a large number of dyslexics have an above average IQ.  So we don’t call them mentally weak. In layman’s terms, a bug in their brain makes them unable to access the 'word analyzer'.


When a dyslexic person starts reading, letters appear to him as if dancing on the page. Words don't look the same as they do to other readers.  It affects the ability to communicate in almost all forms, including writing, reading, spelling, and, in some cases, speaking.

Dyslexia is caused by an alteration in the brain's ability to translate images received from the eyes or ears into an understandable language.

 Books on Dyslexia

Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief

The children having dyslexia are able to connect the letters and sound out words, but unable to recognize words they have already seen, no matter how many times they see them each time they would have to start fresh. They see the alphabets moving around on the page. They see the letters of some words as if they appearing completely backwards, such as the word ‘bird’ looking like ‘brid’, the word ‘CAT’ looks them as ‘TAC’. They see mirror images of resembling words such as “d” appears to them as “b”. Dyslexics find difficulty in differentiating other words and dots likewise which are similar in shape. Moreover they feel sick whenever they try to read for prolong periods of time.

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Some persons with dyslexia may also have Dyscalculia; difficulty in mathematics problems. Their signs and symptoms include lack of experience and background knowledge in math, having careless attitude and math anxiety. They don’t feel that mathematics is useful for them. The sufferers have poor sense of direction and unable to manage time or understand a schedule. They have trouble in understanding signs and symbols of math such as (= + - x).  They often fail to deal with numbers.  Most hazardously they are unable to calculate or handle money while making a change and difficulty in telling time.

The Dyslexia Determination Test (DDT) is used to investigate specific aspects of language problems.  Treatment of dyslexia can be done by verbal and educational devices. Medicines are not commonly used to treat dyslexia. It’s better to recognize the symptoms at an earlier stage of life and to address them as soon as possible. Starting a treatment at a younger age of child will produce more remarkable changes plus prevents future problems too. But reading will likely not ever be easy for a person with dyslexia.

Parents should encourage dyslexic child on even small achievements. Support of parents and teachers plays significant role in improving child’s performance. Children having dyslexia often excel in creative work as it is their way of expressing themselves.

It is important to know dyslexia is a lifelong condition. Even though early treatment during childhood can help, your child will likely always have to make an extra effort to read. So if you come across a child having some of the related signs don’t take it for granted, try immediately to cope with the problem before it gets too late.

March 16, 2014

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