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Mars InSight mission: What Nasa's trip to Red Planet aims to discover

Pakistan Bans 18 NGOs.

Pakistan cuts Chinese 'Silk Road' rail project by $2 billion due to debt concerns

Ranbir and Neetu did not attend Krishna Raj Kapoor's funeral. Here's why?

China condemns U.S. for South China Sea freedom of navigation operation.




US 'ready to restart negotiations' with North Korea

Corruption in Pakistan

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Hostels in Rawalpindi


EU grants 115 million euros to Pakistan for strengthening education sector

Financing agreements were signed with the Federal Ministry of Finance for a 100 million euros on Friday and an additional 15 million euros will be committed by the end of the year.

. Current Affairs Digest by Dr Safdar Mahmood

The European Union (EU) is supporting Pakistan in its inclusive, sustainable and democratic development with new grant funding.

The Development Through Enhanced Education Programme (DEEP) is a five-year programme aiming at contributing to the universal access to quality education in Sindh, enabling young people to progress and engage in productive employment or higher/vocational education. DEEP will contribute to tackle issues such as higher enrolment rate, reduction of drop out and better quality education in a context of persistent demographic pressure.


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Another 50 million euros will be spent on economic development in rural Balochistan and Sindh. The programme Growth for Rural Advancement & Sustainable Progress is a six-year programme that aims to contribute to the reduction of poverty through development of rural small and medium enterprises thereby creating inclusive employment and income opportunities in the rural areas of Pakistan with a specific focus on women. 


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Posted on December 31, 2018

Pakistan lawmakers barred from leaving the country, briefly detained.

Chinese loans to Pakistan need more transparency-US Officials.

Attacks on Chinese nationals and interests in Pakistan are likely to continue

Pakistan batsman Babar Azam slams anchor Zainab Abbas. 




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