Child drug poisoning-are the parents responsible?

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If you are sometimes less than careful with your prescription medications and have young kids at home, a new study shows how easily tragedies can occur.
In more than half of these cases, medications have been removed from child-resistant containers by an adult, according to the analysis of calls to five poison control centers.Magazines for Health, Mind & Body
“It may be time to place greater emphasis on encouraging adults to keep medicines in containers with child-resistant features,” said study senior author Dr. Daniel Budnitz, from the division of healthcare quality promotion at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
“There is an opportunity here for innovative medication container options that promote adult adherence and provide portability and convenience, while maintaining child safety,” he said in a CDC news release.
There were four common situations in which young children got into prescription pills after the pills were taken from original containers:
• Pills were put into pill organizers that aren’t child-resistant.
• Pills were put into baggies or other non-child-resistant small containers that adults carried with them.
• Pills were left out on countertops or on a bedside table for someone to take later.
• Pills were spilled or dropped and some were missed when they were picked up.
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