Benefits’ of a healthy diet

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A healthy diet can be synonymously called a balance diet and a balanced diet means a diet which contain carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins and water in a reasonable ratio to fulfill the body’s need. A healthy mouth means a healthy body so healthy diet is solely responsible for the health and safety of every body organ at its individuality.
For instance, If we are taking a balanced amount of proteins in our diet, it keeps our kidneys in a healthy mode otherwise leads to uric acid imbalance leading to the joint problem. This means any nutrient in excess or lesser can leads to difficulties to human body overall.
Taking another example, the two very vital ingredients for brain are oxygen and food and if one’s diet lack that much amount of sugars will finally harm the brain.
The other benefits of healthy diet are that;
• It reduces the body toxins.
• It strengthen the body while keeping the body fats in correct limits.
• It improves memory and mood and on can work with full concentration.
• Healthy diet improves knowledge because to add desired food in diet requires a keen knowledge of those foods.
• As our country is concerned where diseases are more prevailing with low health budget and facilities, improvement in our diet will prevent many diseases and in turn improving the economy at individual as well as country’s level.

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