Life saving drugs

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Life saving drugs are emergency drugs that require immediate administration in medical emergency. Medicines which have the potential to sustain life and / or prevent further complications. List of Drugs are as follows: 1.(A) Drugs used in Anaplylactic shock :- (1) Inj. Epinephrine Hydrochloride (Adrenaline) (2) Inj. Sodabicarb, (3) Inj. Dexamethazone Sodium phosphate. (B) Drugs used in Myocardial infarction and cardiogenic shock:- (4) Inj. Isoprenaline. (5) Inj. Amino Caproic Acid. (6) Inj. Streptokinase. (7) Inj. Morphine sulphate. (8) Inj. Meperidine Hydrocloride (Pethidine) (9) Inj. Calcium Chloride (10) Inj. Dopamine Hydrochloride (11) Inj. Heparin (12) Inj. Nitroglycerine (13) Inj. Propranolol. (14) Inj. Digoxin. (15) Inj. Protamine Sulphate. (16) Inj. Lignocaine Hydrochloride 2 percent (17) Cap. Nifedipine. (C) Drugs used in peripheral circulatory collapse: (18) Inj. Dopamine Hydrochloride. (19) Inj. Glucose 25 percent. (20) Oxygen gas I.P/B.P. (21) I.V. Ringer Lactate (22) I.V. Normal Saline (D) Drugs used in status eplipticus: (23) Inj. Phenytoin Sodium (24) Inj. Diazepam. (25) Inj. Phenobarbitone. (E) Drugs used in acute respiratory failure:- (26) Inj. Nikenamide (27) Oxygen gas I.P./B.P

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