Lollywood 2020: Top 10 films to be released

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2020 looks very lucrative in terms of release flow with more than 50 films being announced. However, a list of top 10 films which were announced for release in year 2020 are as fellows:
1. Abhinandan Come On : A Film by by Khalil ur Rehman Qamar
2. Afrah Tafreeh by Faisal Turk
3. Bhaag Bhootni Ke: starring Junaid Akhtar
4. Bajray De Raakhi By Syed Noor. Starring Saima Noor and a new lead pair.
5. Chand Chehra : A film by Hasan Askari
6. Chakkar : A film by Yasir Nawaz starring Mawra Hocane &Feroze Khan. For Hollywood news click here.
7. Dhai Chaal:Produced by Dr Irfan Ashraf, starring Shamoon Abbasi, Ayesha Omar and Humayun Ashraf
8. Dai Maar Saaray Chaar : A film by Abdull Khaaliq Khan
9. Dum Mastam: Film produced by Adnan Siddique, written by Amar Khan.
10. Delhi Gate. Directed by Nadeem Cheema. Writer: Mohammad Kamal Pasha. Starring Shamoon Abbasi & others.

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